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RECIPE for Being Flabby and Feeling Lousy

  • You sit all day and rarely get off the couch at night (except to go to bed)

  • You have weak muscles, are easily winded, have no energy, are vulnerable to illness, and don’t sleep very well

  • You basically feel like crap most of the time and have to drag yourself around

  • You feel out of control and are not self- confident and develop ailments that accelerate in a downward spiral as you progressively feel worse and worse

RECIPE for Being Reasonably Fit and Feeling Well

  • You move enough that your body can easily perform normal activities

  • You have fewer aches and pains and sleep better, so you’re more alert and your body is better able to fend offillness

  • Because you are healthier, you have a more positive outlook and have sufficient energy for work and play, so youenjoy life more

  • You have the stamina to accomplish what you need to get done each day

  • You feel more self-confident and in control of your life as you reinforce the habits that keep you feeling well because it’s oh-so-much- better than the negative cycle described above

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