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As a fellow fitness-as-you-wait expert, one who has run easy Pilates sessions for a collection of crumbling seventy-year olds stuck in a marina in Greece during a Covid lockdown, I rate your book as excellent. It gently persuades any reader how to actually manage the life changes they might need without stressing or spending a fortune…Luisa needs an all-encompassing hug for her wise and lovely words on how to make us get fitness, attitude and diet just right.

This is the sort of book one wants to have in vast quantities to hand out in the street. Take this, read this, change your life.


—Rosanne Hodin, Author, Growing Goats and Girls, Tales from the Good Life on a Cornish Farm

I require regular daily exercise to help keep my restless, overactive mind calm...  Luisa not only may well have written the Bible for my physical well-being, she has kindly taken the time to write down the why and the how of mini-workouts for us all.


—Frederick Marx, Author, Rites to a Good Life: Everyday Rituals of Healing and Transformation; At Death Do Us Part

Filmmaker: Hoop Dreams; Journey to Zanskar; Rites of Passage

What I love about this book is that it speaks to real people like the busy executives and entrepreneurial women that I coach who lament not having enough time in the day to engage in self-care. As a practitioner of somatic coaching, I stress the importance of exercise for anyone who wants to be successful! I will be adding this book to the toolkit that I offer clients."

—Nicole Cutts, Ph.D. Success Coach & Clinical Psychologist


“This is a little book that felt like a big permission slip, freeing me up to feel good about mini workouts. Get A Move On provides a wonderful service for body and spirit.”


—Virginia Hume, Author, Haven Point

“I found Get a Move On! to be conversational and accessible—when so much fitness content makes us feel like a fat, lazy, failure, this tone of "just do a little something, you can do it!" feels welcome.


The timing of this seems so perfect. People have been trapped at home, many of us have put on pandemic weight, so now let's get moving again.”


—Colleen Newvine Tebeau, Marketing Consultant, Coach and Principal at Newvine Growing


Reedsy Discovery — Must Read 🏆

An excellent quick read full of motivating tips and suggestions. Sure to get you moving! Get a Move On! is a great read! It is a simply-structured, easy to read step by step guide to improving your health and fitness. All of the suggestions are realistic and achievable – no special equipment required, no huge time commitments, just real advice for real people! Five out of five stars!


—Monique Gunther, Reedsy Reviewer


“It is impossible to read this book and not start moving… in the kitchen, at your desk, or anywhere you happen to be. If you’re recovering from an injury or looking to ease into exercise but don’t know where to start, this book makes it easy and fun with simple exercises, practical tips, and a lot of charm.”

—Amy Tucker, Game designer of Xeco, Matter Group founder, Media consultant (Microsoft, T-Mobile, Nintendo), Yogini & Snow-boarder

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“Get a Move On! is a profoundly helpful book for anyone interested in improving self-care and maximizing time. It is like having a personal trainer in your pocket!” 


—Dr. Anita Gadhia-Smith, Psychotherapist and Author, Practical Therapy


“I am absolutely charmed by this book. Herein lies a well-organized, relatable and informative guide that teaches all of us how to insert healthy bursts of movement into our seemingly mundane routines. I applaud the author’s ability to make these tasks meaningful and fun. This is the epitome of progress, not perfection. And progress, my friends, is what sustains health.”


Donna Hanes, M.D., University of Maryland Medical Center












“If you want to shape up but don’t even know where or how to start, this great little book will help you get moving. Incidentally, this is the only ‘fitness’ book that ever made me laugh out loud.”


—David Kerns, Author, Fortnight on Maxwell Street and Standard of Care


Midwest Book Review

“Anyone looking to add more move-ment into their schedules needs to start with Get a Move On! Its outline of an achievable objective is inspirational, educational, and rewarding. All it takes for these routines to be personally attainable is a degree of commitment...Get a Move On! makes the effort a snap with its chatty tone, science, and encouraging discussions.”


D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer,

“If, like me, you yearn to get fit but can’t find the time to make it happen, then Luisa Heymann’s new book, Get A Move On! was written just for you. Who knew that a little bit of effort invested in mini-workouts throughout the day could produce maximum results?  Heymann’s advice is simple, sensible, and—most of all—it's DO-able. She guides the reader through an instructive explanation of how she developed her methods, and gives very specific examples of how to piggyback mini-workouts with almost any activity or environment in a normal day: cooking, sleeping, sex, driving, shopping and even couch-potatoing! An inspiring book for anyone who wants to get fit without getting physical at the gym. Highly recommended.

—Morrie Warshawski, Arts Consultant and Author, Shaking the Money Tree, The Fundraising Houseparty, and This Afternoon, 30 poems





“Luisa Heymann’s book, Get a Move On! is a fantastic read. It is so much more than a motivational exercise book or program. It’s a healthy perspective of incorporating exercise into your life anywhere at any time. No pressure, just do something. As a self-mastery mindset coach myself, I love this perspective, because for the first time this author doesn’t make exercise a chore requiring a huge time block in your schedule. This is a must-read... especially for all those women who think they just don’t have time.”


—Robin Joy Meyers, Molecular Geneticist, Joy Architect, TEDx & International Speaker, Author and Self-Mastery Mindset Coach

Get A Move On! is just what I need to help me get active once again. It's a mindset that helps me become more active in my everyday life. Thank you, Luisa Heymann!


—Angeline Beach, Retired Lockheed Martin Executive

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